This is the name given to very thin layers of porcelain which are placed on top of your teeth to enhance the form or color of them. In many cases your teeth are not even touched or the preparation are so minimal, meaning you do not need any anesthesia (freezing, shots). These thin veneers are bonded to teeth with a strong adhesive. Looking through the internet some patients have been unsatisfied with lumineers because they found them bulky. Recently Denmat, the mother company which produces Lumineers have changed their procedures, adding wisely a trial phase which allows patients to evaluate the thickness, form and color before advancing to the final phase. Answer the following questions at the comfort of your home:

1- Do you like the color of your teeth?

2- Do you like the shape of your teeth?

3- Do you cover your mouth when you smile?

4- Do you have spaces between your teeth?

5- Are you consciously avoiding smiling when people are around?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then you might be a candidate for Lumineers. It is easy to find out just call us or email and book your complimentary consultation.