General Dentistry Services With Msmiline Cosmetic Dentistry Dental Team

Patients of Pierrefonds West Island, Montreal and nearby cities have access to a wide range of dental professionals in the community who can provide quality care. At Msmiline Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Ramin Mirmooji and his associates can ensure patients obtain the best in dental health and wellness with the help of our experienced team. Whether you are seeking a dental cleaning or a comprehensive dental exam, we can assist!

What is general dentistry?

Doctor with Patient in Dental

Essentially, general dentistry is the field of dentistry that focuses on the overall health of the smile. Dental health care services such as cleanings, examinations, and preventative services often fall under the umbrella of general dentistry services. Learn more about each below:

  • Dental exams. The most common general dentistry service is routine dental examinations and evaluations. During this time, our dentists will provide a physical examination of the teeth and gums to look for any problems that might need treatment. This may include signs of tooth decay or gum disease.
  • Dental cleanings. Our dental hygienists work hard to ensure an efficient cleaning by removing plaque and tartar build up from teeth surfaces , using advanced technology and instruments for optimal comfort.
  • Oral cancer screenings. Cancer screenings anywhere on the body are essential, including the mouth. The earlier oral cancer is found, the simpler it is to treat. We provide these evaluations at each appointment, we review with patients the risks factors, and educate patients on what to look for in terms of the development of possible cancer in the oral cavity.
  • Education. Our team educates patients on keeping their smile healthy with at-home care and visits to the dentist as recommended every six months. We also walk patients through how to properly brush and floss their teeth to reduce the risk of developing periodontal disease or cavities.

Enjoy quality dental care with our team in Pierrefonds, Montreal

If you reside in the community and are curious to learn more about general dentistry services provided by our team of professionals at Msmiline Cosmetic Dentistry, call Dr. Ramin Mirmooji and his team at (514) 613-1888 to request a visit at 4935 Saint-Charles Boulevard.

Dr. Ramin Mirmooji

Dr. Ramin Mirmooji is a dynamic general practitioner who believes in providing excellent dentistry through personalized treatment plans and the best advice for patients. He graduated in Civil Engineering from South Bank Polytechnic (England) and studied microbiology and immunology at McGill University. He obtained his doctorate in dentistry from the University of Laval. He has followed many mini-residency courses in orthodontics, implantology, periodontics, endodontics, cosmetic dentistry, pain management, MTA disorders, etc. He is a member of the Quebec Dental Association, Canadian Dental Association (CDA), Dental Society of Montreal, and International Congress of Implantology.

Dr. Samer Abboud

Dr. Samer Abboud, who graduated in Paris, France, is a general dentist practicing orthodontic services in several dental offices in Montreal. He has also served as a clinical research coordinator at McGill University and a professor. He has trained in adult and pediatric orthodontics, occlusion, and dental surgeries and has earned many diplomas. He has been a member of the Ordre des Dentistes du Québec, CDA, Association des Chirurgiens Dentistes du Québec, Proprietary Dentists of Quebec, and the National Dental Examining Board of Canada.

Dr. Alexa Lynch

Dr. Alexa Lynch is a University of Montreal graduate. She enjoys practicing different facets of dentistry and has a special interest in restorative and cosmetic dentistry, for which she has taken many continuing education courses. She aims to offer quality dental care to patients of all ages.