Invisalign transparent gutters

Invisalign is an invisible orthodontic treatment that allows you to realign your teeth or close spaces to achieve the smile of your dreams. It is a series of transparent shells that are custom made to slowly move your teeth into the ideal position.

Here are the steps for orthodontic treatment with Invisalign aligners:

Girl is Hanging Clear Brace
  • Creation of a 3D virtual model of your teeth using specialized software
  • Visualization of the millimeter by millimeter displacement of your teeth over the weeks with the dental professional
  • Design of translucent custom gutters using the virtual model
  • Substitution of personalized aligners according to the displacement of your teeth

Invisalign aligners offer many advantages.

Invisalign is well known as the discreet alternative to orthodontic appliances. The gutters are clear and very thin so most people never notice them. Plus, they’re comfortable and can be taken off for cleaning or before bed. Being free of wires and rings, they offer an almost zero risk of irritation.
Invisalign aligners should be changed approximately every two weeks and worn at all times, except during meals. So there are no dietary restrictions.

Clear Aligners

As with braces, you should follow up regularly with the specialist. Appointments are spaced four to six weeks apart on average. Your dentist or orthodontist checks your teeth regularly, so that the evolution is optimal.

Each case is specific. During your visit, after a careful examination of your teeth, we will tell you the duration of the treatment. However, the treatment usually lasts from a few months to two or three years (like orthodontic treatment with braces). It depends on the complexity of the malocclusion. The cost varies depending on the treatment required.

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Invisalign® at Msmiline Cosmetic Dentistry

Invisalign® at Msmiline Cosmetic Dentistry
In this video Dr. Mirmooji explains the process of Invisalign® and benefits of getting clear braces. Watch the video to learn more.

What is orthodontics?

Basically, when teeth are not in the right place, there is a possibility of teeth fracture, gum recession, temporomandibular joint pain, and trauma.

In order to avoid these, we move teeth and place them in an ideal position that protects the teeth, the joints, and the gum. That is basically what orthodontics is.

What is the process of Invisalign®?

You see your dentist, who will take a 3D or intraoral scan of your mouth.

They do a simulation while you are in the office that takes about 10 minutes and gives you an idea of what the teeth will look like.

Then they will proceed to take some photos and X-rays. These are sent to Invisalign®.

They will put it into their algorithm and develop the treatment plan that allows us to see how many trays you need to change to reach the ideal position.

Once it is approved, Invisalign® proceeds to print all the trays.

That’s sent to the dental office, and the dental office will call you back to deliver the first tray.

What can you expect during the first few days of treatment?

For the first or second trays, your mouth with water a little bit more you will feel slight discomfort.

But after a couple of hours, you should be fine; they’re much more comfortable and less painful than classical brackets.

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

You’ll take them off to eat, so you don’t have to be careful with what you eat, while with brackets, you have to be careful not to dislodge them.

You’re going to have a lot less emergencies, and your gums are going to be a lot healthier because you’ll be able to brush your teeth and floss like you do regularly.

You change these trays every two weeks till you go to the end of the treatment.