Using dental implants to restore function and beauty to the smile after tooth loss

At Msmiline Cosmetic Dentistry of Pierrefonds, Quebec, Dr. Ramin Mirmooji and his team are available to provide a wide selection of restorative solutions for patients who have imperfections or problems with their smile. Dental implants may be recommended for those with tooth loss to replace one, several, or all the teeth in the smile. Let’s learn more about dental implants!

What is a dental implant?

Dental Implant 3D Dummy

Dr. Ramin Mirmooji describes the dental implant as a titanium post designed to hold a restoration and replace one or more teeth within the smile more permanently than bridges and dentures.

How do dental implants work in replacing missing teeth?

Dental implants are an amazing development in dentistry that works by replacing the original root of the tooth with an artificial titanium implant. This implant is fused to your jawbone, and once it has healed, a replacement tooth, bridge, or denture is attached on top of the implant.

Why do patients choose dental implants for tooth replacement?

One of the main advantages of dental implants is that they look completely natural, just like your own teeth. They also feel very secure when you chew and brush your teeth, which makes them an excellent option for people who need replacement teeth due to gum disease or injury. Another advantage of implants is that they can last for many years without needing any maintenance other than regular brushing and flossing.

Who is a good candidate for a dental implant?

Dr. Ramin Mirmooji can evaluate your smile and determine if you have sufficient bone to hold the implant in place and ensure a successful operation. If you are not deemed a proper candidate due to a lack of bone structure, bone grafting can be used to restore the bone and prepare it for a dental implant.

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Dental implants are a reliable and long-lasting solution for patients reconstructing their smiles after tooth loss.

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